An alliance of local artists working together to benefit Chicago's resources

“To a large extent I can control my feelings and desires and can change them so that I lead a happier existence.” –Albert Ellis and Robert A. Harper, A Guide to Rational Living

Photos from Dynamic Artwork on April 28th 2016. 


Thursday, April 28th from 7:30PM-10:00PM


Re.Stock Shop in Wicker Park. 1452 N. Milwaukee. 


Experience all Dynamic Artwork has to offer - including open bar, complimentary local Chicago gourmet food, art, music, and more. 

Why this issue matters

If you know anyone who struggles with depression or has recently gone through a major life event, such as divorce or grief, you know how important counseling support can be. Right here in our city there are individuals who do not have access to quality counseling care. 

Dynamic Counseling's mission is to provide quality counseling that is both affordable and accessible to everybody in Chicago. Right now, quality mental health care is only accessible in privileged Chicago neighborhoods. Limited income neighborhoods have fewer options and lower quality of care. Programs are underfunded by the state and many families lack mental health insurance coverage.  

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The Event 

On Thursday, April 28th, Dynamic Counseling is hosting an art exhibit at Wicker Park's Re.Stock Shop. Guests will be surrounded by creativity of all kinds - from the fashion at Re.Stock to the paintings and photography of local Chicago artists. Visitors can simply soak up the inspiration or browse products to take home. A portion of all proceeds will benefit Dynamic Counseling. 



Featured local Chicago artists will display paintings, photography, and many other framed pieces for guests to explore. Re.Stock shop will contribute their art as well - the art of high fashion. All products are available for purchase with proceeds benefiting Dynamic Counseling. Scroll down to preview art and learn about the artists. 


Live music by the artists of Blue Mud and Riverhorse. Scroll down to learn more! 


On Thursday April 28th, instead of going to your usual Happy Hour spot, join us for an Open Bar that benefits Chicago's counseling resources. 


Eat the cuisine of Chicago's hottest teams - including: Eat Purely, Goddess and the Grocer & West Town Bakery. 



Meet The Artists


Mitchell Reyes

Mitchell is a Chicago based artist, interior designer, and lover of corn. |      Instagram: @cornaddict

Mitchell Reyes (AKA Corn Addict) is a Chicago based artist and interior designer creating work that draws influence from both, urban street art and the rural landscape of the Midwest.  |  cornaddict.com





Karen Parisian

Karen Parisian is a Chicago Artist. She works from her studio at the Fulton Street Collective, which houses a vibrant community of local artists.  Karen is represented by the Mars Gallery in the West Loop Gallery district of Chicago and by the Richard App Gallery in Grand Rapids, MI.  Through sales and commissions, collections of her work span nationally and internationally.  She has been published in a book titled ‘Night of One Hundred Angels’, showcasing images of spirituality from around the world. Her paintings have also been used on set for the NBC television series Chicago Fire.  Her work can be thought of as Spiritual Modernism as she has found inspiration in the modern masters as well as her own symbols and metaphors representing the universal.

karenparisian.com   |      




"My work is a playful exploration of nature, simplicity and being human. Since I can remember, art has always been part of me. Growing up I would spend hours drawing and painting while also experimenting and trying new techniques. At an early age I realized that art was the best way to channel my creativity and express myself. My style is a direct reflection of my heritage. Born and raised in Bogota, Columbia, I have always been attracted to loud and rich colors, and exotic and organic shapes. My work is full of life, emotions, and movement." -Lina Caro

    |     linacaro.com

Meet The Music



Riverhorse began as a collection of home recordings by Brian Motyll that developed into a melting pot of sound with the help of Friends Scott Ahlgrim and Austin O'Connor. As a solo act or with his two close friends, Riverhorse is a fine mix of Americana/Folk/Alt. Country/Whatever you want it to be. 

You can find Riverhorse's first album, Opal on: Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora.     |     Follow Riverhorse on Facebook


MIKE JACOBY & rob owen of blue mud

Blue Mud is a Chicago based band that draws inspiration from classic twangy rock n' roll a la Crazy Horse, The Rolling Stones, and The Band. Originally started as a recording session between five long time friends and musicians, their shared love for similar acts made playing together organic and natural. After a few months of recording, they decided to take these songs to the stage. With stirring narratives and songs about life, love, and the road; Blue Mud produces guitar driven rock but is never afraid to explore other, sometimes darker sonic territories. 


live @ the Metro Theater Chicago, IL 6.6.2015


MORE BLUE MUD   |   www.bluemudmusic.com   |   Facebook  |  Instagram @blue_mud  |  




These are the people who have made this event possible.

They have provided us with all the tools we need to put together a night full of art, culture and delicious food & drinks all while benefiting the resources in Chicago's neighborhoods. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for all that you have done! 

wicker park fundraiser




Are you an artist or a local Chicago business with a product to  contribute to this event? Fill out this form so we can learn more about what you do. We look forward to working with you! 


Explore the beneficial promotional opportunities your business can experience by partnering with Dynamic Counseling to provide this event. 





Meet Our Sponsors


restock shop

Brand new designer clothing sold at Wholesale Prices or lower. One-of-a-kind pieces for men & women!

1452 N Milwaukee, Wicker Park, Chicago

restock shop copy.png

eat purely

Delicious, Chef-Made, Organic Meals delivered in 20 minutes or less.  |  Our chefs create food that never relies on excess salt, fat, or refined sugars to taste great. We'd rather let our locally-sourced ingredients do the talking. Whether you're ordering a meal for tonight or next week, we're built to work with your schedule, not against it. | Get the app


XOG WINE by Giuliana Rancic 

Each 750ml bottle is made up of 4 individually sealed and pre-filled cups of wine. They may look and feel like stemless wine glasses, but they're completely shatterproof. That means no glassware, no corkscrew, and no pouring necessary.   | xogwine.com



West Town Bakery is sit-down breakfast and lunch spot and bakerythat specializes in local, all natural, and sustainable fare where Chris “Tex” Teixeira is the executive pastry chef and where Rob Shaner is the executive chef. A 3-Star Certified Green Restaurant, West TownBakery & Diner diner-style brunch fare. West Town Bakery & Diner prides itself on its Dark Matter Coffee program. The bakery portion of West Town features scratch-made cupcakes, cake balls, breakfast pastries, laminated treats, individual dessert, donuts, doughssants, breads, frozen novelties, chocolates & confections, custom cakes, and more.


goddess and the grocer

Goddess and the Grocer's chef, Debbie Sharpe, began cooking at an early age, first for her family and then for her friends. Upon leaving school, she worked as a bookkeeper before earning a cadetship (aka internship with a prominent Australian newspaper. It's there that she began her career in music as an entertainment writer. Always seeking new adventures, she moved to London in 1978, and worked for Adam and the Ants for several years. Six years later, Sharpe took a leap of faith and started a catering company, Eat Your Hearts Out!, quickly establishing herself as the go-to caterer. She became highly sought after throughout Europe, and began catering for Paul and Linda McCartney. In fact, she credits Linda as her mentor. In 1990, Sharpe joined Paul and Linda on a U.S. Tour, and decided to put down roots in Chicago. 

goddess and the grocer

revolution brewing

Revolution Brewing is Illinois' largest craft brewery. Our brewpub in Chicago's Logan Square is a bustling, neighborhood institution where friends and families meet to enjoy the freshest beer in town. Opening our brewery has been a labor of love. We think you can see that in everything we do ranging from the details of our carved fists holding up our mahogany bar to the pungent hop aroma of our Anti-Hero IPA to our creative dishes like our bacon-fat popcorn.

revolution brewing

The Green Pet Shop

Recycling materials: Reusing items diverts waste from landfills.
There are many products available today that are manufactured with recycled materials. From beds that are constructed with recycled soda bottles to metal hood ornaments for cars, purchasing products made with recycled materials “closes the loop”, and helps preserve our planet.

Organic /Natural ingredients
Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and chemical preservatives are harmful to our animals and our environment. Our Anti-Itch Shampoos and Sprays are made from all natural and organic ingredients. Our Biodegradable Wipes are made from natural ingredients and our Poop bags are Biodegradable as well.

the green pet shop